The Adrenaline Junkie


Went to a buffet for dinner. And boy, I’m THAT full! Prime ribs, lamb chops, foie gras, sushi, maki, a plate of dessert. That’s enough for me to skip breakfast later. HAHA!

September-October Getaways

September will be definitely fun. Will go wakeboarding in 3 consecutive weekends. Then off to CDO and Camiguin on the last weekend of September. And in mid-October, I’ll be heading to CWC. I wonder what’s in store for November and December?


Man, videoke sessions are really helpful to relieve stress. You can sing your heart out like you’re the only person in the room. LOL!

Work’s been hellish this couple of weeks. Refactoring a code, document revisions, meetings with managers, and all other stuff which are being done my senior developers. To think I’m a junior developer and I’m already doing some senior developer tasks is just stressful. Now one of my leads asked me to schedule a series of meetings with these people: one of our local executives, our project manager, and some other US executives. And I have a couple more meetings to attend to next week.

So over the weekend, I have to finish a matrix, and my presentations for the meetings. Can’t wait to ride my wakeboard next Sunday!

Next up, buy myself my own vest and helmet, and learn how to control the board. I bought the wakeboard for cheap btw. LOL!

THE Presentation

So in the very near future, I will be presenting my findings to some of our company’s executives. Talk about pressure. I hope my lead will help me out on this one. Though I sound like someone older than my age, I’m just a year removed from college. LOL!

A letter to you

I guess it’s really over. I must get back to reality. Nah, I kid. I just got blocked from her twitter because of you, that’s all. LOL!


It’s been 3 weeks since the last time I boxed. Man! Arms are a bit numb. Didn’t even last 5 rounds on the mitts. -___- Now that I’m finished with the revisions on 2 programs (hopefully nothing comes back), I can box twice or thrice a week.

Next up, Sunday wakeboarding! Might as well try our new wakeboards after we get it on Saturday.

Wakeboard and other stuff

Finally! I will be getting my own wakeboard this Saturday. Bought it for cheap too. Hoping to ride it this weekend now that I can stand. HAHA!

As for the other stuff. Man! Work has never been this stressful. -__- Doing some reworks on 2 different programs is never easy. Plus no one was cooperating with me in another task. I guess I should schedule a meeting with them just to make them cooperate.

This will be a very busy Q4.